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Total Manufacturing Management System

Total smart factory management solutions with effective productivity improvement through quality control

Defect Inspection System (DIS)

A system inspects product images for normal or defect classification and saves related data. DIS sends defected items to enable data utilization based on the classification result.

Process Control System

  • A system which controls the logistics by delivering the results of DIS to the MES
  • A system which evaluates the manufactured product according to defined inspection rule and shares the results with smart factory system.

Automatic Defect Classification ( Brain )

  • A deep learning-based solution which automatically inspects the images of Defect Inspection System
  • DIS should be pre-implemented

Operator Judgment Monitoring System

A system to efficiently manage manual inspections of operators and improve the performance of operators

Mura Defect Judgment System

A system to judge and classify Mura defects (Stain, Atypical and more) difficult to apply a standardized judgment rules

Integrated Analysis System

  • A system which integrates and analyzes data of various automation systems (e.g. MES / YMS/ DFS).
  • Provides customized data processing options according to user's requests for data integration.
  • Provides customized analysis reports based on user requirements

Analysis Reservation System

A system to automatically search for data at a specific time, create reports, and deliver them to user in predefined forms.

Integrated Alarm System

  • A system which enables automatic report generation and automatic report transmission by checking specific data status.
  • Can be integrated with every automation system with database

Predictive Analysis System

A system analyzes, modeling using collected EQP status data and predicts manufacturing process results. PAS performs pre-alarming for alerts.

Program Management System

  • The system performs automatic updates of the program and/or manual recovery.
  • Provides additional functions such as program access authority setting

Duplication System

  • A system which duplicates the servers to increase reliability in case of failure occurs.
  • All (Active / Active , Active / Standby) can be implemented.

Communication Library


Steelhead SECS library implements SEMI standards to provide communications for FPD and semiconductor equipment. Steelhead is implemented with C interface and can be easily applied to other languages such as C #. Steelhead can support various kinds of OS, like Windows, Linux, and more.


PCap based on network packet analysis technology which provides new connectivity to existing facilities without modifying any of their factory automation software. Pcap can perform analysis of transmit-ted data and extract specified items from them. Pcap sends them to other HSMS connections or other specific protocols and also can make a force to run external programs or scripts.