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CODEIMAGE™ Code reader

Codeimage can read all 2D barcode including Vericode.

Advantages of CODEIMAGE™

  • High recognition rate for damaged code
  • Automatic code area recognition
  • Automatic noise deletion

Features of CODEIMAGE™

  • User-oriented interface (easy to use)
  • Optimized structure for inspection target
  • Efficient system for automatic production

MetalSys powder Bed 3D Metal Printer

Features of Metalsys

  • The first commercialization of 3D metal
    printer in Korea
  • Development of Melting pool inspection
    system based on AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Various 3D metal printer line-up
    : Small size for medical implant production
    to large size for fast and heavy production

3D metal printer production service

  • The best quality
  • AM(Additive Manutacturing) simulation
  • The highest cost competitiveness
  • Melting Pool Tomography